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PowerPal-1000 Portable Power Station

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◆ Automotive-grade LFP battery cells are safer and more durable.

◆ Safe electricity usage with the BMS.

◆ Constant-voltage sine wave for safe and stable power without harming your devices.

◆ ntelligent temperature control and efficient cooling fan for safer, more efficient heat dissipation.

◆ Fire-resistant, flame-retardant casing for enhanced safety.

Technical SpecificationMQK-800
NamePortable Power Station
Model No.MQK-800
Net Weight≈5.9Kg
Solar Charging12-18V-18A,300W(Max)
AC Charge220V/50Hz,116W(Max)
AC Output
AC Output*1220V/50HZ(Pure Sine Wave), Shared Power800W(Max)
DC Output
USB-A Output*2 3 0A 18W(Ma5V-3.0A 18W(Max)
TYPE-C Output*25V-3.0A 18W(Max)
5525*2 -5A12V
Car Charge12V-10A,Shared Power120W(Max)
LED Lamp/Ambience Lamp3W
Wireless Charging15W
Battery Specification
Material/Cycle LifeLFP/6000 times
Protection TypeHigh/Low-temperature protection, Overload protectionOvervoltage/Undervoltage protection, Short circuit protection, Over current protection
Operating Environment
Charge Temperature0°C-45℃
Discharge Temperature-10°C-60℃

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