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Outdoor Energy Storage System MQK-107H50

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Internally integrated BMS/EMS

Modular design, support multi-machine expansion function

Multiple working modes, suitable for various applications

Internal integration of multiple protection functions, including lightning protection, fire protection, anti-theft ,etc.

Switching between on-grid and off-grid

Three-phase 100%unbalanced load

Battery TypeLFP
Rated Charge/Discharge Performance≤0.5C
Nominal Voltage [V]716.8
Operating Voltage Range [V]605~818
Cell Rated Capacity [Ah]150280280
DC Side Nominal Capacity[kWh]107200400
Composition1P224S1P224S1P224S *2
Rated Output Power[kW]50100200
Max.Output Current [A]79159159*2
Rated GridVoltage[V]3W/N/PE,400
Rated Grid Frequency[Hz]50/60
Grid Frequency Range[Hz]45~55/55~65
THDI<3%(Rated power)
DCComponent<0.5% In
Power Factor>0.99(Rated power)
Rated Output Power[kW]50100200
Max.Output Current[A]79159159*2
Rated Output Voltage[V]3W/N/PE,400
Rated Output Frequency [Hz]50/60
Unbalanced Load Capacity100%
Ingress ProtectionIP54
Communication ProtocolModbus/IEC104
Ambient Temperature[C]-25~+60
PCS CoolingMethodTemperature controlled smart fan cooling
Battery Cooling MethodAir conditioning cooling
Fire Fighting SystemYes
Altitude[m]5000 (>2000 Derating)
Relative Humidity0~95%,no condensation
Weight [kg]120022003500

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