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Outdoor Energy Storage System MQK-30k~50k

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MQK-30~50 suits large residential or small industrial and commercial scenarios

Supports 150% photovoltaic over-allocation, reducing grid demand and strengthening the independence of green energy

Adopts safe 200Ah lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, supporting 0.5C charge and discharge

life cycle and power.

Supports self-consumption, time-of-use electricity pricing, and backup power for diverse daily scenarios

Controls external loads like heat pumps, optimizing energy consumption

commercial applications.

Suitable for scenarios with an unstable or absent power grid, such as micro power grids and isolated islands


Inverter Parameters

DC Input
Max.PV Aeray Power [Wp]@SIC37500450006000075000
Max.DC Voltage [V]1000
MPPT Voltage Range [V]200 850
Rated DC Voltage[V]620
Start Voltage[V]135
Max.DC Input Current [A]4*304*304*304*30
Max.DC Short Circuit Current [A]4*404*404*404*40
Number of MPPT4444
Number of Strings per MPPT2222
Battery Parameters
Battery TypoLiFeP04
Battery Voltage Range [V]135 750
Max.Charging/Diecharging Current [A]100-100
AC Parameters [On gid]
Rated AC Power [W]25000300004000050000
Maximum output apparent power [VA]27500330004400055000
Maximum input apparent power [VA]30000360004800060000
Maximum battery charging power [W]25000300004000050000
Rated Voltage [V]3L/N/PE:220/380V:230/400V;240/415V
On-grid Frequency Dt]50/60
Maximum current output [A]42506683
Powor Factor0.Bloading 0.8lagging
Total Harmonic Distortion[THD]<3%@rated powor
AC Parameters [Back up]
Rated AC Power [W]25000300004000050000
Maximum output apparent power [VA]27500330004400055000
Maximum current output [A]42506683
UPS switching time<20ms<20ms<20me<20ms
Rated output voltage [V]3L/N/PE:220/380V;230/400V,240/415V
Rated Ac FrequencyDtr]50/60
Output THDv@Liner Load)<3%
AC Parameters[Generator]
Maximum input apparent power[VA]30000360004800060000
Maximum battery charging power[W]25000300004000050000
Rated output voltage[V]3L/N/PE:220/380V,230/400V;240/415V
Rated Ae Frequency Dtz]50/60
Maximum PV conversion efficioncy98.8%
Euro Efficiency98.3%
Battery input reversoconnection protectionIntegrated
Insulation rotintance protectionIntegrated
Surge protectionIntegrated
Over-temperature protectionIntegrated
Anti-islanding ProtectionIntegrated
Residual current protectionIntegrated
AC aver-voltage protectionIntegrated
Overload protectionIntegrated
AC short-circuit protectionIntegrated

General Parameters
Over voltage categoryPV.II:Main:II
Weight (KG)72.0
Protection degreoIP65
Standby sell-consumption(W)<15
Operating Temperature Range("℃)-30-60
Relative Humidity(%)0-100
Operating Altitude (m)3000(>3000m derating)
CoolingSmart fan
Noise Level(dB)<50
DisplayOLED & LED

Rated Energy [kWh]62.983.9104.9
Usable Energy [kWh]56.675.594.4
Rated Capacity [Ah]205205205
No.of Modules6810
Nominal Voltage[V]307.2409.6512
Voltage Range [V]240~350.4320~467.2400~584
Charge/Discharge Current [A]100100100
Rated Power [kW]304050
Dimension[mm]960*1500*2000 (1185*1500*2000-include air condition)
Operating Temperature Range[C]-30~50
Cooling MethodAir Conditioner
Relative Humidity5~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude [m]2000
Ingress ProtectionIP54
Control ModuleCBC2-HV5
Battery ModuleCBU2-10.496-HV5
Rated Energy[kWh]10.496
Battery Module Serial Cell Quantity (pcs)16
Applicable StandardIEC62619-2017,UN38.3,IEC61000-6-2/4,IEC62477

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