The 5 Best Batteries for Your Residential Solar System

In recent times, more and more people are opting for alternative energy sources to meet the electricity demands of their homes. We all know that solar energy is also green which can make you save 60%-80% of your electricity bills!!!! If you are thinking about having solar panels installed on your roof, be sure to include a battery for energy storage in the system so that excess power generated will not go waste. Following is the compilation of top 5 energy storage batteries for home solar system:

Tesla Powerwall Tesla Powerwall is one of the many known home energy storage solution most homeowners are opting for. Its 14 kWh capacity allows for a decent-sized home power supply, placing it comfortably within range of many households. The other advantages of the product apart from compactness, easy installation and light in weight sleek design makes it a top competitor in the market. Additionally, the Powerwall is covered by a 10-year with Tesla warranty to maintain its performance across that time frame

LG Chem RESU - The LG Chem brand is known for their commitment to high performance, and the versatile nature of a battery like the LG Chem RESU makes it an option more suited towards universal energy storage. This battery is expandable in size, with its case available to accommodate 3.3 kWh and additional cases that can be added for a total of up to 9.8 kWh; you adjust the capacity as your needs change. Its small size and manufacturing unit-installed convenience make it simple to install. Similar to the Tesla Powerwall, the LG Chem RESU carries a solid 10-year warranty for extra reassurance.

Sonnen Eco - Sonnen's whole-house smart energy storage system as part of a home solar installation. A capacity of between 5 kWh and 16 kWh is sufficient for optimizing energy usage to the full. Capable of integrated artificial intelligence and powered by a built-in inverter, the Sonnen Eco provides an easy-to-use solution for continuous operation with added energy efficiency enhancements. This system also has a 10-year warranty, making it another option for those looking to get long-term use out of their headphones.

Enphase Energy Ensemble - If you want to mix and match, the Enphase Energy Ensemble is extendable so it grows as your needs do. It works well with systems beginning at 3 kWh, so it can only grow as your energy needs expand which is just another reason we consider it one of the best smart thermostats around. With a built-in inverter and compatibility with other Enphase products, the Energy Ensemble that makes energy easy for your home. And as what the brand promises, it also has a 10-year warranty that you can get to keep your ears in tip-top shape.

Blue Planet Energy - With an ultra-high-capacity energy storage, the Blue Plant Energy battery is a top of line system that has been designed last. True Blood batteries come in 24kwh and can be increased through simple installation using other components such as BPE expansion modules making it ideal for small firms or budget-conscious homeowners looking to enter into renewable sector market segment at no initial investment. Comes in 8 kWh to 15 kWh for easy integration with home solar systems and is designed for reliable, long-life energy storage. So, with a 15-year warranty and getting built to last for up to two decades - the Blue Planet Energy battery will secure long-term energy sustainability for your home.

    New and Improved Batteries

    Battery technology always been the main topic and is under constant development which also make advancements in power be it from solar energy sources or wind where battery storage will resolve many challenges that existing these days. Better energy storage solutions make renewable sources more reliable, and viable. From new battery charging technology to lithium-ion alternatives, here are the latest developments that could help build a better tomorrow.

    Solid-state Batteries - Solid electrolytes differentiate this solid state battery from others and offer a significant improvement to safety and efficiency over the liquid batteries used previously. These advancements lead to more safety, efficiency and robustness that companies like Toyota, BMW are already buying in this disruptive technology.

    Flow Batteries - Flow batteries work by storing energy in liquid electrolytes that are pumped through the system. With the ability to store significant energy amounts, this design is perfect for large-scale applications within commercial and industrial areas. Currently vanadium flow batteries are mostly manufactured by a company named Redflow and they offer an efficient energy storage solution through its ability to scale.

    Lithium-sulfur Batteries - The rise of lithium sulfur batteries are especially stirring up a lot of interest because they have the potential for high energy density. With a current energy density of 1,100 watts per kilogram (Wh/kg), this also gives five times the amount of storage potential over that offered by lithium-ion batteries on offer now and more research is needed before they can be rolled out for market use.

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