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Exciting News! MagicPower Shines at CIIE, Clinches "Most Promising Market Potential Award" in "Green Low-Carbon" Track

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Exciting news! Magic Power shines at the 6th China International Import Expo in Shanghai, winning the championship in the "Green Low Carbon" track and the prestigious "Most Promising Market Potential Award."

On November 5th, the expo opened grandly, and the intense competition for the "Most Promising Market Potential Award" in the innovation incubation zone's "Green Low Carbon" track unfolded. Magic Power distinguished itself through exceptional performance, securing this honor. On the afternoon of November 9th, a grand award ceremony was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) North Hall. Fuxue LIU, Deputy Director of the China International Import Expo Bureau, attended the ceremony, presented the award, and delivered a speech.

Tech Leading Home Revolution

This recognition is a comprehensive acknowledgment of Magic Power's longstanding commitment to driving innovation in energy technology and serves as an inspiration for its future leadership in the development of green, low-carbon initiatives. Through the live presentation of "Hans's Zero Carbon Journey," Magic Power vividly illustrates a compelling story of a family transitioning from traditional electrical circuit structures towards a future-oriented path. From 2019 to 2023, the Hans family significantly reduced electricity costs and enhanced energy efficiency by introducing solar photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage, and a heat pump system.

Magic Power's whole-house energy management solution, centered around energy storage, seamlessly integrates with the crucial electrical loads of the entire household. Simultaneously, through artificial intelligence algorithms learning user electricity consumption habits, the system monitors various factors such as solar energy production, electric vehicle charging demands, battery storage status, and room temperature. This ensures optimal energy distribution. Mr. Hans, using this system, can leverage the heat pump during peak solar generation at noon, maximizing the utilization of solar power and overcoming time constraints. If energy storage is not yet installed, he can reduce the storage capacity, thus lowering costs.

This innovative solution epitomizes Magic Power's dedication to helping more households reduce electricity costs, akin to the Hans family's achievement of zero-carbon goals. It contributes to humanity's sustainable development and lends support to Earth's green energy initiatives.

Global Stage, Sparking Innovation, Showcasing Brilliance

The innovation incubation zone of this expo, themed "Global Innovation, Co-creating the Future," attracted 300 innovative projects from 36 countries and regions. It aims to provide a platform for global small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase creativity and promote products, building a bridge for startups to enter the Chinese capital market. The Import Expo is a window for constructing a new development pattern, a platform for promoting high-level openness, and a global shared international public product that fosters interconnectedness with world markets, industrial integration, innovation vitality, and adherence to common rules. China highly values technological innovation and is committed to global cooperation in the field of technological innovation. In this context, the Import Expo is dedicated to providing a platform for companies to showcase technological innovation achievements and offering opportunities for collaboration and exploration.

Magic Power, as a global leader in energy technology, has dedicated the past two years to the comprehensive development, production, sales, and service of energy storage equipment and systems. With a multidisciplinary research team comprising experts in power equipment, the electrical grid, and artificial intelligence, Magic Power is committed to devising holistic solutions in the realm of energy storage. The company has successfully expanded its product offerings for residential, outdoor, and commercial energy storage, extending its services across regions, including Europe, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Magic Power‘s new products are stunningly unveiled

At this year's Import Expo, Magic Power showcased its Portable Energy MQK-P series and Residential Energy System MQK-E series. The Portable Energy Power Supply, featuring a 1.9-hour rapid dual charging, a lifespan of 6000 cycles, and an automotive-grade BMS intelligent control system, attracted considerable attention. The Residential Energy System, designed with a stackable battery configuration and integrated inverter, ensures daily power needs for entire households, maximizing rooftop photovoltaic yields. These exhibited products garnered significant interest from special guests, fellow exhibitors, and attendees, resulting in numerous accolades and valuable opportunities for collaboration.

Magic Power Supports Sustainability

Magic Power's exceptional performance not only highlights its technological innovation but also injects new vitality into global zero-carbon goals and sustainable development. As the expo concludes, we eagerly anticipate Magic Power continuing to lead in the green low-carbon field, contributing more strength to building a more sustainable energy future.

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