8Kw Hybrid Inverter

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98.2% Max. Efficiency

15A PV Input Current

110% Unbalanced Output

10ms UPS-level Switch

Optimal Power & Storage

98.2% Max. Efficiency

15A PV input current per string, 2 MPP trackers .110% Unbalanced Output

Strong Load & Back-up

110% continuous AC output overloading

200% max. back-up output overloading @60s

Supports over-sizing of solar panels by 150%

Convenient Installation & Operation

Plug & Play terminals for easy wiring

Smart EMS that flexibly supports various operating modes

OLED display and App for setting and data management

Flexible Design & Use

135-750V wide battery voltage range

P65 for indoor and outdoor installation

Compact size and elegant appearance

PV Input
Recommended Max input power[kW]12.0
Start-up voltage[V]135
Max. DC input voltage[V]1000
RatedDC inputvoltage[V]620
MPPT voltage range[]200-950
No. of MPP trackers2
No.of DCinputs per MPPT1/1
Max. input current15/15
Max.short-circuit current20/20
Battery Side
Battery typeLithium Battery (with BMS)
Battery voltage range[V]135-750
Maximum charging/discharge current[A]25/25
Grid Side
Rated output power[kW]8.0
Max.output apparent power[kVAI8.8
Max. input apparent power[kVA]16.0
Max.charging power of battery[kW]8.0
Rated AC voltage3L/N/PE;220/380V;230/400V;240/415V
RatedAC frequency[Hz]50/60
Max. output current[A]13.3
Power factor0.8 leading...0.8 lagging
Max.total harmonic distortion<3%@Rated output power
Back-up Side
Rated output power[kW]8.0
Max.output apparent power[kVA]8.8
Max.output current[A]13.3

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