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LaurelCap Group and MagicPower Hold Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation

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On June 1, 2023, LaurelCap Group and MagicPower held a grand signing ceremony in Shanghai. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Tan San Yew, Managing Director; Mr. Alex Lee, Director; Mr. Alan Poon, COO, along with Mr. Yang Hongguang, Director of MagicPower, Co-founders Mr. Shang Peng and Mr. Yang Yongqing. This signing marks the establishment of an important strategic partnership between the two parties, aimed at promoting the development of renewable energy and green technology and making a positive contribution to Malaysia's sustainable development.

Mr. Alan Poon, COO of LaurelCap Group, delivered a passionate speech during the signing ceremony, expressing gratitude to all the guests and provided an introduction to the background and business scope of LaurelCap Group in the Malaysian real estate service industry. He mentioned the national energy policy actively promoted by the Malaysian government and the energy storage equipment project in collaboration with MagicPower, with the aim of jointly exploring and developing green energy solutions and projects for the Malaysian market.

Following that, Mr. Yang Hongguang, Director of MagicPower, delivered a speech, welcoming and thanking all the guests and expressing appreciation for the leadership and team of LaurelCap Group. He introduced MagicPower's strength and achievements in the power sector, emphasizing the common ground in their business ideals and goals. He expressed the hope that the two parties would become dependable friends, working towards the shared development goals of MagicPower and LaurelCap Group, and jointly building a business landscape.

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between LaurelCap Group and MagicPower lays a solid foundation for their partnership and injects new vitality into the promotion of renewable energy and green technology. Both parties expressed their commitment to working together to achieve their cooperative business ideals and goals, and to contribute to sustainable development.

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